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Good Morning Sissy!

This is your web site!

All you have to do is give me all the images and text and tell me what pages you want...and I will create it for you.

I will take all this off and put Under Construction and any images here once you have seen it.

We can do links to your Facebook page,
set up am @janagraphics.com email address for you .... whatever you like.

It might take me a little while but once you decide what pages you want...send me a banner (which I will put at the top of every page and the images and text you want on each page...you will have your web site.

We can even get you set up to be able to let people pay you via credit card and Paypal right here on your web site.

You can have a Gallery... etc

So....any way...my beautiful sister ...I love you BIG TIME! xoxoxox

You will need to create a banner to go across the top that fits properly!

My gift to you is that I will create and host your web site for you and you can, of course, move it and manage it yourself any time you wish